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Madu (also known as a Maru or Singauta)
Time Period: 18th-19th century
Location: India
Common Construction: Leather, iron, or steel shield with antelope horns
The madu is a type of parrying shield used in northern and central India. The central shield is typically made of leather such as elephant or rhinocerous hide, but can also be made of steel or even layers of silk. The antelope horns are tipped with steel and set at opposing angles. The madu can be inlaid with silver or gold and some are highly ornamented.

Although used by soldiers in India, the madu is primarily associated with religious mendicants named Fakirs. These holy men were not allowed to carry traditional weapons, and instead carried the "Fakir's Horns" which consists of the two antelope horns set at opposing angles. When the central shield is included, it is called a madu.

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