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Time Period: 19th century
Location: Algeria, possibly Morocco
Common Construction: Steel
The flyssa is a slender sword of varying length designed to pierce chain mail. They range from a "dagger" length of 12 inches all way up past 38 inches. Although sometimes described as the national sword of Morocco, the sword actually belongs to the Kabyle people who live in Northeastern Algeria.

The Kabyles were known to Europeans of the time as a productive ethnic group of the Berbers creating guns, ploughs, swords and utensils which they then sold to the Arabs and Moors. There is some evidence that indicates the flyssa may have been in use in the late 18th century as well.

The term 'flyssa' comes to us as a result of the French occupation of Algeria in 1857. It is derived from the French reference to a specific tribe of Berbers called the Iflissen Im Bahr who were thought to make the swords.

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