-- Rondel
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Time Period: 14th-16th century
Location: France, Europe
Common Construction: Steel

The Rondel is a single or double edged dagger designed exclusively for stabbing. The dagger's name is derived from its hilt, which features two round plates called rondels in the place of a pommel and guard. The placement of the rondels makes it impossible to hold with the blade facing up as the bottom rondel blocks the movement of the user's wrist. Instead it is always held with the blade facing down and used to stab.

It is considered primarily a military weapon used by knights in the 14th-16th centuries, although it is likely that the dagger had some limited use in dueling and civilian life as well. In war, the Rondel was capable of piercing mail and sometimes plate joints. The blade evolved throughout its lifetime, and in the 15th century the blades began to feature a triangular cross section and rarely a square cross section which may indicate its evolution into the Stiletto.

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