-- Demon-Quelling Staff
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Demon-Quelling Staff

In the Chinese epic, Journey to the West, the demon-quelling staff belongs to Sha Wujing (Friar Sand), one of priest Sanzang's disciples. It is also known as a monk's spade or yueyachan.

Quote from Chapter 49:

"Few are the weapons like this one in the world
Which is why you do not know what this staff of mine is called.
It grew in a shadeless part of the moon,
Was shaped from the trunk of a Sala-tree.
The jewels set around it shine with many colors,
And solid is the blessing that is packed inside.
Once it was present at the Jade Emperor's banquets
Now it protects the priest from the Tang.
On this road to the West it is utterly unknown,
But great is its fame in the palaces of Heaven.
It is known as the precious demon-quelling staff,
And with a single blow it could pulverize your brow."

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