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Dazzling Golden Cord

In the Chinese epic, Journey to the West, the dazzling golden cord is one of five treasures belonging to the mother of Junior King Silver Horn. Sun Wukong kills the demons' mother and steals the cord, which he tries to use to lasso the demon and rescue his master Sanzang. However, the demon uses a magic spell to instead tie up Sun Wukong. He escapes, and eventually defeats the demons and steals their treasures.

The five treasures belong to the Supreme Lord Lao Zi, who comes down from Heaven to reclaim them after the demons are defeated. It turns out that they were apprentices under Lao Zi who stole the treasures and came down to the mortal world to hide.

The other four treasures are:
Seven-Star Sword
Red Gourd
Jade Vase
Plantain Fan

Journey to the West, Mythology

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