-- Parrying Dagger
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Parrying Dagger
Time Period: 16-17th century
Location: Europe
Common Construction: Steel

Parrying dagger is a general term for daggers that are designed to be wielded in the left hand in conjunction with another sword or dagger in the primary hand. These daggers usually have a strong hilt capable of parrying a blow from a light sword such as a rapier, and some also have a guard to protect the hand. As parrying daggers evolved, some even had ways to catch or break an opponent's sword. The most commonly known is the lever in the guard which deploys two more blades at 30 degree angles when pressed. A twist of the dagger would disarm or break the sword of an opponent and leave him defenseless.

CE 16th Century, CE 17th Century, Dagger, General Term, History, Medieval Europe, Weapon

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