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Vajra is Sanskrit for "thunderbolt" and "diamond" and is the weapon of Indra, the king of the Gods in Hindu mythology. The spear is often referred to as a thunderbolt similar to the weapon of Zeus in Greek mythology. Several Hindu texts including the Rig Veda and the Mahabharata tell the story of the how the Vajra was created and how Dadhicha the rishi (sage) saved the gods.

Indra and the daityas (gods) were driven out of heaven by a particularly nasty asura (demon) by the name of Vritra. Indra appealed to Lord Brahma for help, who told him that no normal weapon could kill Vritra and the only way to defeat him was with a spear made from the spine of Dadhicha the rishi.

Indra asked Dadhicha to sacrifice himself to save the gods and he gladly accepted, explaining that his body would one day wither away and if it could serve the betterment of mankind in some way then so be it. His spirit vacated his body, animals ate away his flesh, and Indra took his spine and created a mighty spear named Vajra.

With the Vajra, Indra and the daityas fought Vritra for 360 days before defeating him and reclaiming heaven. You can read the story of Dadhicha in the Vana Parva of the Mahabharata, section 100.

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Comment From: Guilio --

hi i don't know "how you/ you guys" do your research, but You have lot more luck with it then i. So i have a Question on a relatetive topic to Vajra: that is can you find out what a "Keravnos" is? cause i think it just probably the thunder bolt of Zues; because on wikipedia it says that "Zeus throws his Keravnos to bring a storm." then i google the word Keravnos and not much but people & groups with the same name but some nonspecific images of lightning here and there in the background may state that i'm right. however i thought that since i just found this site and added to my favorites thought i might ask, since you seem to have better references than i.

Comment From: Guilio --

Oh yeah... and also i would be glad to share my research with you if you like i'm still working on it, but i do see some things i have that you don't... and i'd more than happy exchange it for legendary object

Comment From: sector24 --

Guilio: Short answer for anyone reading is that the word "keravnos" is Greek for thunderbolt. I emailed you a more detailed answer. Thanks for the comment!

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