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The spear is one of mankind's first weapons, and it is believed that humans have used spears for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years. The most basic spears were just a straight shaft of wood sharpened on one end. Over time, men began to attach sharp points made of stone or metal to the end to enchance the spear's lethality.

The spear has always been a simple and economical weapon. Spears were easy to make, and required little training to use properly. In time periods before metalworking, this made them the ideal weapon for most societies. Even during the Bronze Age, spears remained popular due to their cost effectiveness when compared to a sword. The bronze required to make a single sword could instead fashion several spear heads. Spears were also easier to repair, most of the time all that was needed was a new shaft of wood. Spears continued to have a prominent place on the battlefield until the widespread use of gunpowder. Even in modern times, a rifle with a bayonet can be considered a form of spear.

There are three main types of spears; conventional spears meant to be used by footsoldiers, lighter spears designed to be thrown as projectiles, and spears designed to be used on horseback. The modern distinction that some people draw is that throwing spears are generally referred to as javelins, and spears used on horseback are referred to as lances.

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