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Gridarvol (also known as Grid's Rod)

In the Prose Edda, Gridarvol was the unbreakable magic staff of the giantess Grid. The giant Geirrod captured Loki one day and refused to release him unless he would convince Thor to travel to his court. Geirrod and his two daughters Gialp and Greip planned to kill Thor upon his arrival.

Under duress, Loki convinced Thor to make the journey without his hammer Mjollnir, the girdle of might Megingjard, and his iron gauntlets Jarngreipr. On the way there, they spent the night at the home of the giantess Grid, who warned Thor of Geirrod's plans. She gave him the Gridarvol, and her own girdle of might and iron gauntlets. With them, Thor was able to fight through the traps set by Geirrod and his daughters and kill them.

Mythology, Norse, Staff, Weapon

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