-- Golden Crossbow
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Golden Crossbow

In the Finnish Kalevala, the blacksmith Ilmarinen attempted to forge a magical artifact called the Sampo. He left the magic furnace running overnight and the next day he looked in to see what was forming.

From the magic fire and metals.
From the fire arose a cross-bow,
"With the brightness of the moonbeams,
Golden bow with tips of silver;
On the shaft was shining copper,
And the bow was strong and wondrous,
But alas! it was ill-natured,
Asking for a hero daily,
Two the heads it asked on feast-days.

Ilmarinen, skilful artist,
Was not pleased with this creation,
Broke the bow in many pieces,
Threw them back within the furnace,
Kept the workmen at the bellows,
Tried to forge the magic Sampo.

After creating several other wondrous but ill-tempered objects, Ilmarinen succeeded in forging the Sampo on the third night.

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