-- Bow of Eros
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Bow of Eros

In Greek mythology, Eros possessed a bow that fired invisible arrows and a quiver with two sets of arrows. The golden tipped arrows caused anyone struck by them to fall passionately in love and the lead tipped arrows caused anyone struck by them to feel disgust and aversion.

Apollo mocked the bow of Eros, pointing out that it was not as war-like as Apollo's own silver bow. (In some versions of the story, Apollo mocks Eros himself being weak and child-like) In revenge, Eros struck Apollo with a golden arrow, and the nymph Daphne with a lead arrow. Apollo chased Daphne, who spurned his love and tried to escape. Unable to evade him, Daphne pleaded to the gods for aid, and in response they turned her into a laurel bush. Apollo made a wreath from the leaves which he wore in his hair, and from that point the laurel was sacred to him.

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