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Adamant Sickle (also known as the Sickle of Cronus)

In Greek mythology, the titan Cronus was given a sickle made of adamant by his mother Gaea. He used it to castrate his father Uranus and take over as ruler of the universe. In Greek mythology, the blood of gods is called ichor and it has the power to create new life. When the ichor of Uranus fell to earth it created many fantastic beings such as the giants, erinyes, and meliae. In some versions of Greek myth, when the genitals of Uranus plunged into the sea, the goddess Aphrodite sprung forth from the foaming water, fully grown.

The sickle was passed down to Zeus and he used it to defeat the titans and ascend to the throne of the gods. He also wielded the sickle in his battle against the monster Typhon. Later he gave the weapon to Hermes in order to kill Argus. Hermes lent the sickle to Perseus in his battle against Medusa, and he used it to sever the Gorgon's head.

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