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Frost Silver

Frost Silver was the sword of Sasaki Kojiro, a Japanese swordsman of "superhuman" skill who had even created his own fighting style. His duel with Miyamoto Musashi is a popular folktale in Japan.

The duel took place on a sandbar in the Kanmon Straits in Southern Japan. When the time of the duel drew at hand, Musashi was nowhere to be found. He had overslept at the inn, and the innkeeper finally woke him up and rowed a boat out to the sandbar. On the way, Musashi carved an oar into a makeshift wooden sword called a bokken. Sasaki, already frustrated by Musashi's late arrival, mocked him and his wooden sword. He cast his scabbard into the water, indicating that the duel would be to the death. Musashi remarked that Kojiro must have little confidence in his skills to throw away his scabbard as if he would never need it again.

Having upset his opponent's mental state, Musashi raised his wooden sword and prepared for the duel. With a single fluid movement, he imperceptably dodged Kojiro's signature "tsubame-gaeshi" stroke and struck him in the head, crushing his skull.

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