-- Stone of Giramphiel
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Stone of Giramphiel

In Heinrich von dem Turlin's Diu Krone ("The Crown"), the Stone of Giramphiel is a magical stone that granted not only strength and bravery, but charm as well. The goddess Giramphiel had the stone placed in a magical belt and gave it to her husband Sir Fimbeus. When Fimbeus visited Arthur's court, he allowed Queen Guinevere to borrow the belt. She became so enamored with it that she ordered Sir Gawain to fight Sir Fimbeus for it. Reluctantly he did so, and won the belt.

Some time later, Giramphiel stole the magical stone from the belt, and Gawain embarked on a quest to retrieve it. He traveled all the way to Sir Fimbeus' land of Sardin, defeated Fimbeus again and secured his fealty, and recaptured the stone.

Arthurian, England, Mythology

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