-- Shield of Evalach
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Shield of Evalach

The Shield of Evalach was given to the saracen King Evalach by Josephus, son of Joseph of Arimathea. The shield allowed Evalach to win an important battle, and it was also capable of healing wounds. After the battle, Evalach took the shield to Josephus, whose nose began to bleed. With the blood he painted a red cross on the shield.

Passed down through the ages, the Shield of Evalach was placed in an abbey for safekeeping until the Grail Knight Sir Galahad came to claim it. All others who attempted to take the shield would be killed or maimed within a day or two. Bademagus took the shield for his own, but on the road near the abbey he was challenged by a white knight and received a mortal injury. The white knight returned the shield to the abbey and gave it to Sir Galahad.

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