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Corrougue (also known as Couroucousse)

In the English work Roland and Otuel, Corrougue is the sword of Otuel, a saracen ambassador to Charlemagne. He was contemptuous and rude towards Charlemagne and his Frankish knights, and Roland challenged him to duel on the morrow. They fought initially on horseback, but both of their horses were killed and they continued on foot. The battle was quite evenly matched and Charlemagne feared for the death of his nephew and beseeched all of the spectators to pray for the conversion of Otuel to Christianity. What happened next was considered a miracle; a white culver descended and gently perched on the crest of Otuel, after which he embraced Roland as a brother and agreed to convert.

Slightly differing versions of the story exist in the the Norse Karlamagnus Saga (part 6), and the French work Chanson d'Otinel, in which the sword is called Couroucousse.

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