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In the Arabian work, Romance of Antar, Dhami is a sword that came into Antar's possession after he settled a dispute between two brothers. The sword was forged from a special black rock so strong and sharp that when it was thrown at a camel it pierced the hide and went right through the other side, killing the beast. The rock was used to make a sword called Dhami for the Arab chieftain Amru.

Amru had two sons, the elder of whom was a cruel and violent man. He knew that when he died, the older son would usurp his father's lands and leave nothing to the younger son. So when he lay sick on his deathbed, he told the younger son to steal the Dhami and bury it somewhere safe, for it would be his only inheritance. The younger son did as he was told, and after Amru had died the elder son took control of his father's lands like he suspected. When the older son realized the Dhami was missing, he beat the younger son until he revealed it's location. The two of them went into the desert to recover the sword.

Neither brother could find the sword in the shifting desert sands, and the the older brother accused the younger of deceiving him. They drew swords and were in the midst of fighting when Antar happened to see them. He raced on horseback to the two brothers and bade them stay their hands. The younger brother relayed the tale of their father's death, but the older brother insulted Antar for interfering with his affairs and attacked him. Antar killed the older brother, and thereby secured the younger brother's place as chieftan. The young man departed with many thanks, and Antar sat a moment to catch his breath. As he ran the sand through his fingers, he discovered the sword that the two brothers had been looking for. From that point on, the Dhami belonged to Antar.

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