-- Gurza 'i gav-sar
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Gurza 'i gav-sar (also known as Gurz-i Gavsar)

In the Persian national epic, Shahnameh ("The Book of Kings"), Gurza 'i gav-sar is the bovine-headed mace of Feraydun (also Faridun or Fereydun). In the story, the world was ruled by the Demon King Zahhak and his army. Zahhak's shoulders were kissed by the Eblis, the devil, and from there two snakes grew outwards. To placate them, they each had to be fed the brains of a human every day. Therefore sixty men were sacrificed to the Dragon King each month.

A blacksmith named Kaveh had lost all but one of his sons to the sacrifices. When his last son was also scheduled to be sacrificed, he refused. Instead he took his son and sought out Feraydun, the hero destined to stop the Demon King. Kaveh made him a mace with the head shaped like that of a cow, and with it Feraydun stormed Zahhak's palace and imprisoned him in a bottomless cave between two mountains where no one would ever find him. In doing so Feraydun rid the land of evil and purified the world.

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