-- Brunamont's Sword
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Brunamont's Sword

In the 12th century French epic, Song of Roland, Brunamont was a fierce saracen warrior said to have never lost a battle. He came to the aid of the saracen king and was promised the hand of the king's daughter in marriage. His sword once belonged to Nebuchadnezzar, and was a fathom long.

Since the saracen king's daughter was already promised to another, she cried out at the injustice and stated that she would submit only if Brunamont defeated Ogier the Dane in single combat. Brunamont was more than happy to oblige, but was defeated by Ogier who cut his sword in half with his own sword, Curtana. Ogier also won Brunamont's famed horse Broiefort, said to be able to run for three days straight without tiring.

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