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Floberge (sometimes called Flamberge or Froberge)

In the French romance, Maugis d'Aygremont et de Vivian son Frere, Floberge ("Flame-Cutter") is the sword of Anthenor. Anthenor was a saracen admiral who attacked the castle of Oriande la Fee. Maugis was Oriande's adopted son and took the sword from Anthenor. He eventually gave the sword to his cousin Renaud.

In the Italian version of the story, the sword is called Fusberta, Maugis is called Malagi'gi, and Renaud is called Rinaldo.

Floberge is also a sword from the 19th century retelling of the legends of Charlemagne, written by Ernest L'Epine. He indicates that the sword was forged by the "cutler" Galas for the Frankish king. Galas also created Joyeuse and Hauteclaire, and it took him three years to make the three swords.

It is believed that Floberge eventually developed into the word flamberge, which refers to a large two-handed sword with a wavy blade.

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