-- Swords of Alius and Olius
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Swords of Alius and Olius (also known as Lyusing and Hwyting)

In the Norse saga named Asmund, Champion-Killer, Alius and Olius are the names of two dwarves who each forged a sword for King Budli of Sweden. The swords were without equal in the realm of men, however if they were swung against each other, the sword of Alius would prove the better of the two. King Budli put this to the test and broke the sword of Olius, after which he forced the dwarf to make another, better sword. Olius did so, but he also cursed the sword to bring about the death of Budli's grandson.

King Budli's daughter, Hild, gave birth to a son named Hildibrand. To prevent the ill omen from coming true, King Budli kept the sword of Alius for himself and threw the sword of Olius into the bottom of a lake. One day the kingdom was attacked by the Danes, the king was killed, and Hild was abducted and forced to marry another. She gave birth to Hildibrand's half brother, Asmund.

The sword of Alius was passed down to Hildibrand, who used it to kill the King of the Danes in retaliation. It fell to the Danish raised Asmund to seek vengeance for the death of the their king, however only the sword of Olius was powerful enough to defeat Hildibrand's sword. Asmund recovered the sword and defeated Hilibrand in combat, fulfilling the sword's prophecy and earning him the title of Champion-Killer.

In a later retelling of the same story, the swords are named Lyusing and Hwyting, and many of the character's names are changed.

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