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In the Langobardian Cycle Of Myths which take place in the area known today as Hungary, Rosen is the sword of Ortnit. Ortnit called the king his father, but in truth it was Alberich the dwarf who was his real father. Out in the woods one day he caught Alberich and in exchange for his freedom, the dwarf offered Ortnit a magical suit of armor and the sword Rosen, which had been tempered in dragon's blood and as a result was supposed to be indestructible. Ortnit agreed to release Alberich, after which the dwarf honored his promise and also revealed Ortnit's true heritage.

Later in the Langobardian Cycle, Ortnit was slain while hunting a dragon, and his sword was later discovered by Wolfdietrich.

Mythology, Sword, Weapon

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