-- Spear of Longinus
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Spear of Longinus

The spear of Longinus has many names. It is also known as:
Lance of Longinus
Holy Lance
Grail Lance
Bleeding Lance (Arthurian folklore)
Spear of Destiny (20th century)

The Spear of Longinus is the spear that pierced Jesus while he was on the cross during his execution. Instead of blood, water flowed from the wound which was considered a miracle. The Roman soldier Longinus who stabbed Jesus with the spear later converted to Christianity and eventually became a saint.

In the 12th century French epic Song of Roland, Charlemagne's sword Joyeuse is said to house the tip of the spear hidden within its hilt. In Arthurian folklore, the bleeding lance is one of the sacred relics involved with the grail ceremony. In the 20th century, a conspiracy involving Hitler and World War II revolved around the spear, which was referred to as the Spear of Destiny.

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