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Excalibur is the legendary sword of King Arthur. There are competing stories as to the sword's origin. In one story, Arthur's first sword, the sword in the stone, granted him the authority to rule over Britain but it was shattered in a fight with King Pellinore. Excalibur was gifted to him by the Lady of the Lake as a replacement, and the two swords are entirely different.

In another story, the sword in the stone is Excalibur, but when it was broken the Lady of the Lake repaired it. There are also stories in which the sword in the stone is Excalibur, but it never breaks and the Lady of the Lake does not have to give Arthur a replacement. Her role in the story is only to retrieve the sword from Sir Bedivere after Arthur's death.

Excalibur is said to shine as bright as thirty torches, and blind its enemies when it is unsheathed. Even the scabbard has magical properties, it is said to protect its owner and his injuries would not bleed. In many versions of the story, each piece of Arthur's equipment has a name:

Equipment Name
Byrnie Wigar
Helmet Goswhit
Shield Pridwen
Spear Ron
Sword Excalibur

King Arthur's byrnie and helmet are fictional additions to the story made in the 13th century.

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