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Location: Europe
Common Construction: Wooden haft with steel head

The partisan has a central spear, but on either side of the spear are "flukes" that jut out. These flukes evolved over time into what the partisan is commonly described as; a spear with an axe head on either side. This design provides many advantages. First, it limits how far the spear can penetrate so it won't get trapped inside an object. In hunting, spears have crossbars called "lugs" for the very same reason. Second, you can use the weapon in two ways now, by thrusting it like a spear, or bringing it down on someone like an axe. Once you knock someone off their horse, it's hard to stab through their armor with your spear because the steep angle of attack deflects the spearhead. The partisan allows you to perform a chopping motion that is much more effective.

History, Medieval Europe, Polearm, Weapon

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