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Saber (also known as the Sabre)
Time Period: 8th century to present
Location: Worldwide

The saber is a general term for a single edged sword of varying curvature traditionally used from horseback. The origin of the saber is traditionally attributed to the Mongols, and is known as the Turko-Mongol saber. This weapon was so influential that there is a version of the saber in every culture that the Mongols came in contact with. Weapons derived from the saber include the Afghani pulwar, the Arabian saif, the Indian tulwar, the Moroccan nimcha, the Persian shamshir, the Turkish kilij, and of course the European swords modeled after the saber.

In Europe, the saber developed into the cutlass, but also remained in its original form and was used by most nations that fielded cavalry. Weapons like the backsword, hanger, and spadroon are all considered sabers. The saber is still in use today as a ceremonial weapon.

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