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Time Period: 6th century BC to present day
Location: Yemen

The jambiya is a staple of Yemeni culture and historically every Yemeni man owned one. It's name comes from "jamb" which means side in Arabic, and the jambiya is worn at the side of the hip. The jambiya is passed down from father to son as a sign of loyalty and prestige, a tradition that may date back as far as 500 BC.

The handle of the jambiya often indicates the social status of the person who owns it. The most expensive handles are called "saifani" and the value of the jambiya increases over time as the handle ages. A famous jambiya can be worth over 1000 times more than an ordinary one.

The sheath of the jambiya usually has a hook at the end. This is designed to make it look to outsiders like the dagger cannot be pulled from its sheath. The jambiya dagger itself does not have such extreme curvature.

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Comment From: Fred --

the dagger shown on the picture is NOT a Jambiya from the Yemen, but a Koumiya from Morocco.