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Corslet (also known as the Corselet)
Time Period: 16th-17th century
Location: Europe
Common Construction: Steel

The term corslet can mean different things depending on when and where the term is used. It can be defined as half-armor for militia or town guard, consisting of a cuirass, gorget, and helmet. It can also be defined as a full suit of armor from the waist up, which would include a cuirass, gorget, helmet, gauntlets, and full arm protection, but no faulds, cuisses, greaves, or sabotons. Sometimes the term corslet just refers to the breastplate and backplate which would make it synonymous with the term cuirass.

Another possible distinction is that the corslet is only pistol proof, while the cuirass during the same time period is musket proof. The only thing that can be said conclusively about corslets is that they did not include any armor below the waist, and the term was not used before the 16th century.

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