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Studded Leather Armor

Studded Leather Armor is something with more roots in fantasy than in reality. The Dungeons and Dragons description is that it is a soft leather that is affixed with lots of metal studs; so many as to provide a flexible metal shell that could turn aside slashing blows. This description has virtually nothing in common with the "cuir bouilli" that most people associate with Leather Armor. In fact any material could be used as long as it was strong enough to hold the studs in place.

This type of armor is decidedly absent from our historical view of the ancient world. Archaeological evidence is impossible seeing as this type of armor would have rotted away long before anyone in the modern age could have discovered it, and there are no mentions in literature or art of such an armor existing. However, there were armors in which metal plates were attached to the inside of a material, such as brigandine and some arming doublets or jacks. From the outside, sometimes you can see the rivets poking through the material, which look like studs. This may have lead to the creation of studded leather armor as a type of "reverse brigandine" in which the metal is on the outside of the armor instead of the inside.

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