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Close Helm
Time Period: 16th-17th century
Location: Europe
Common Construction: Steel

The close helmet was likely derived from the armet and possibly the influences of several other helmets in the 15th century. It fully enclosed the head and included a bevor and visor. They were also very light, weighing between 3 and 8 pounds.

During this time period, the mechanics of combat had moved away from heavy cavalry and were focused mostly around infantry formations of pikemen and crossbowmen/arquebusiers. Most cavalry wore burgonets into combat for increased visibility; the close helmet would probably not be well suited for this role.

However, its unparalleled protection and extremely light weight made it the pinnacle of evolution for the joust. The close helmet was used in jousting for as long as the tournaments were still held. Some close helmets were also lavishly decorated for ceremonial use, and had no intention of being worn into combat.

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