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Time Period: 6th-9th century
Location: Europe, Central Asia
Common Construction: Bronze, Iron, Steel

The spangenhelm was the most commonly worn helmet in Europe and the Middle East between the 6th and 9th century. Early spangenhelms were little more than metal skull caps. The more recognizable version was composed of metal strips called "spangens" that formed the framework of the helmet and connected the metal plates together.

Spangenhelms could have many accessories, including a nasal guard, cheek flaps, eye protection, and even a full face mask. These would all be attached after the frame was completed, it was not possible to make helmets out of a single piece of metal during this time period.

Spangenhelms are readily identifiable in modern media. King Arthur wore a spangenhelm, and it is the chief helmet in the movies where a viking is wearing a horned helmet (minus the horns, of course). It is commonly referred to as a skull cap, but that term does not generally denote any particular type of helmet.

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