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Varuna Astra

Varuna astra is the celestial weapon of Varuna the god of water in Hindu mythology. It can be used to create vast quantities of water. It was used several times in the Mahabharata:

Bhishma used the Varuna astra against King Salya when taking the daughters of the king of Kasi on behalf of the king Vichitravirya in the Adi Parva, section 102.

"Then the Kuru chief fixed the Varuna weapon on his bow-string, and with it afflicted the four steeds of king Salya."

Arjuna used the Varuna Astra to fill his water pitcher so that he could return quickly to Drona to learn more about the science of arms in the Adi Parva, section 134.

"And while he gave unto every one of his pupils a narrow-mouthed vessel (for fetching water) in order that much time may be spent in filling them, he gave unto his own son Aswatthaman a broad-mouthed vessel, so that, filling it quickly, he might return soon enough. And in the intervals so gained, Drona used to instruct his own son in several superior methods (of using weapons). Jishnu (Arjuna) came to know of this, and thereupon filling his narrow-mouthed vessel with water by means of the Varuna weapon he used to come unto his preceptor at the same time with his preceptor's son."

Arjuna used the Varuna astra during a demonstration of skill in the Adi Parva section 137.

"By the Agneya weapon, he created fire, and by the Varuna weapon he created water, by the Vayavya weapon, he created air, and by the Parjanya weapon he created clouds. And by the Bhauma weapon, he created land, and by the Parvatya weapon, he brought mountains into being. By the Antardhana weapon all these were made to disappear."

Thanks to Jijith Nadumuri Ravi from Ancient Voice.

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