-- Nine-Knobbed Copper Mace
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Nine-Knobbed Copper Mace

In the Chinese epic, Journey to the West, the nine-knobbed copper mace belongs to the Great King of Miraculous Response, a water demon who captures the priest Sanzang.

Quote from Chapter 49:

"Its nine knobs all are like the buds of flowers
Growing on a sprig of an evergreen plant.
This never was a product of the earthly world,
For it came from the gardens of immortal beings.
Its green and purple fruit matured by the Jade Pool;
Its pure fragrance was formed beside the Nephrite Pond.
Because I worked and tempered it with diligence and skill
It now is hard as steel and miraculously sharp.
Spears, swords and halberds are not its worthy rivals;
Battleaxe and partisan do not dare approach.
No matter how sharp are the prongs of your rake,
If they touch my hammer they'll bend and they'll break."

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