-- Jiuchi-Dingpa
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In the Chinese epic, Journey to the West, Jiuchi-Dingpa is better known as the "Nine-Toothed Rake" wielded by Zhu Bajie (Pig).

Quote from Chapter 49:

"Its mighty prongs are like dragon claws
Set with gold in the form of serpents.
In the battle with a foe it makes cold winds
Till it gives off flames in a longer fight.
It kills off demons for the holy priest
Subduing evil spirits on the journey West.
When it stirs up clouds it blots out the sun and moon,
Making the colors of sunset brightly shine.
It could knock down Mount Tai, to the terror of the tigers,
Turn the oceans upside down, alarming all the dragons.
I could spare you for the sake of your mighty powers,
But if I struke you with the rake it would make nine holes."

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