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The javelin is a type of spear that is meant to be thrown rather than used as a melee weapon. Javelins are typically lighter than spears and more carefully balanced, whereas a spear is designed to be tougher and used over the course of more than a single battle. Although originally referring to a light lance, the modern distinction is that all javelins are throwing spears, as opposed to lances which are used from horseback, or traditional spears used on foot.

Javelins are one of the world's oldest weapons, dating back hundreds of thousands of years and used by Paleolithic hunters to kill animals from a safer distance. Even with the advent of the bow, javelins were still used in war well into the middle ages, both on foot and from horseback.

Famous javelineers include Greek Peltasts, Roman Hastati, Principes, and Velites, and Spanish Jinetes.

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