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Aladdin's Lamp

In the book, One Thousand and One Nights, the story of Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp is arguably the most popular tale. In it Aladdin was hired by a sorcerer to retrieve an oil lamp from a dangerous cave filled with traps. He was given a magic ring by the sorcerer to aid him. After retrieving the lamp, the sorcerer demanded it before pulling Aladdin out of the cave. Aladdin, having stuffed the lamp deep within his pockets, told the sorcerer to pull him out first and then he would give him the lamp. After seeing that Aladdin would not surrender the lamp first, the sorcerer entombed him in the cave and left without it. Trapped and ensured a slow death by starvation, Aladdin wrung his hands in lamentation and accidentally rubbed the ring from which a Marid (genie) sprung forth. The jinn granted Aladdin a single wish, which he used to return to the surface and leave the cave.

The sorcerer later returned for the lamp and secured it through trickery. Although the jinn in the lamp was more powerful than the Marid in the ring, Aladdin was still able to use it and wish himself to the sorcerer's home and defeat him.


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