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Flamberge (also known as Flammard and Flambard)
Time Period: 16th century
Location: Germany
Common Construction: Steel

The flamberge is a very large two handed sword with two flukes on the ricasso as an additional guard for the wielder's hands. It is very easy to recognize by its wavy blade, which sometimes earns it the title of "flaming sword". Some say that the two handed sword is a flammard or flambard and that the flamberge is actually a wavy bladed rapier, but the misconception has permeated its way into fact, and in the modern day the flamberge refers to the larger sword.

The flamberge was used by Landknechts in the 16th century to protect high ranking military officers in pikemen formations. While the unique wavy blade did not confer any advantages over a regular straight sword, its appearance was very striking and after its use on the battlefield dimished it remained as a parade sword.

CE 16th Century, Germany, History, Sword, Weapon

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