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In the book, Myths of the Northern Lands (published in 1895 by H. A. Guerber) Laeding is the name of one of the chains that initially failed to bind the giant wolf Fenrir. Presumably Laeding was a chain made of iron due to the following passage:

Twice did the Aesir strive to bind,
Twice did they fetters powerless find;
Iron or brass of no avail,
Naught, save through magic, could prevail."

Laeding was the first chain used, which the giant wolf broke easily. Droma was the name of the second chain used, which Fenrir also broke after a "sharp struggle". Finally, the Aesir entreated the dwarves to forge a magical fetter as thin as silken ribbon powerful enough that no show of strength could break it. Fenrir was suspicious of such a seemingly weak chain, so he only allowed himself to be bound if one of the Aesir would place his hand in Fenrir's jaws as a pledge of good faith. The war god Tyr was the only one courageous enough to do so. The Aesir then fastened Gleipnir to the giant wolf, and when he discovered that he couldn't break the fetter nor were the Aesir going to release him, he bit off Tyr's right hand. Fenrir was destined to remain imprisoned until Raganarok, when he would break free and kill Odin, only to be killed by Vidar in turn.

I cannot find another source for the name of the fetters Laeding and Droma, and they do not appear in any translations of the Gylfaginning that I am aware of. Feel free to leave a comment if you can shed any light on this subject.

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