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(also known as Iarngreipr or Iarngreiper)

In Norse mythology, Jarngreipr is Thor's iron gauntlet. The glove is ascribed many powers, such as the ability to wield his hammer Mjollnir, call thunder from the hammer, or merely catch it after it is thrown and returns to him. The Jarngreipr also allows Thor to handle and work molten iron and other hot substances.

In the Prose Edda, an iron gauntlet saved his life in battle against the giant Geirrod. Although deprived of his Jarngreipr at the time, the giantess Grid allowed him to borrow her iron gauntlet and with it he was able to catch a molten iron rod thrown by Geirrod, and throw it back. The giant hid behind a pillar, but the molten iron rod pierced straight through and killed Geirrod on the other side.

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