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Chandrahas is the moon blade (sword) from Hindu mythology given to Ravana by Lord Shiva. Ravana accidentally disturbed Lord Shiva's home in Mount Kailash and Shiva pinned him to the ground with his little toe. Ravana atoned for his intrusion by composing and singing songs that praised Shiva for several years, until finally Shiva released him. Shiva was actually quite pleased with his devotion and granted him the Chandrahas (Moon Blade) in addition to naming him Ravana or "of the terrifying roar". He was warned that if the sword was used for an unjust cause, the sword would return to Shiva and Ravana end would be near.

Ravana eventually ruled over all of the human and divine races in Hindu mythology, and is the primary antagonist in the Ramayana. In the epic he used the sword to kill Jatayu and the Chandrahas returned to Shiva.

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Comment From: loknath --

did ravana misuse this, and how did it return back to shiva

Comment From: sector24 --

Great question, loknath! Ravana used the sword to kill Jatayu in the Ramayana and the sword disappeared. It was in a way the harbinger of his inevitable demise at the hands of Rama. I have updated the article to provide a little more information.

Comment From: Maxf736 --

Please help me. I have looked for this story in the Ramayana, the story where Shiva gives Ravana the sword, but cannot find it. Can you tell me where it is? Thx!