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Ridill (also known as Refil and Rithill)

In Norse mythology, Ridill ("Swift-Moving") is the sword of Regin. When Sigurd killed the mighty dragon Fafnir, he and Regin cooked his heart on a spit. Sigurd tasted the blood of the dragon's heart, which granted him the ability to understand the birds. The birds warned him that Regin meant to betray him and take the treasure for himself, so Sigurd killed Regin. He took Regin's sword and then plundered Fafnir's treasure taking two chests of gold, the sword Hrotti, a golden coat of mail, and the helmet Aegishjalmarr. Regin's sword is also known as Refil ("Serpent") or Rithil depending on the version and translation of the story.

The story of Fafnir's death is told in the Fafnismol (The Ballad of Fafnir), and in the Volsung Saga, and Regin's sword is also mentioned in the Nibelungenlied.

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