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Egeking (also known as Edgeking and Erkyin)

In the story Eger and Grime, Egeking is the sword of Eger's uncle Egrame. Eger and Grime were both knights and inseparable friends. Eger was by no means wealthy, but a skilled knight who enjoyed jousting and fighting merely for the glory and honor of combat. One day he heard about a forbidden land guarded by a great knight named Greysteel, and he decided to travel there in search of adventure. Having little more than stepped foot into the forbidden land, he was beset by a knight with a red shield, a red lance and glittering golden armor. The red knight's armor proved impenetrable, and Eger was soundly beaten. Greysteel took Eger's pinky finger as a trophy, but left him with his life. Eger rode home dispirited to tell the tale to his friend Grime.

Sir Grime vowed to bring back Greysteel's hand for the injustice, but he had need of a sword that could penetrate the red knight's armor. He traveled to Egrame's estate and asked the lady of the house if he could borrow the sword. She consented, and Sir Grime defeated Greysteel in battle and took his hand as proof of the deed.

Mythology, Sword, Weapon

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