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Adelring is a sword that appears in many disparate sources. In some Danish versions of the Dietrich Cycle (Didrik's Champions), it is the sword that Didrik (Prince Dietrich of Bern) found in a dragon's lair. Prince Dietrich's sword was Naglering, and many instances of Adelring are thought to refer to the same sword.

In the Danish ballad, Grogaldr and Fjosvinnsmal, Adelring was the sword of Sveidal, given to him by his mother.

In the Norse saga Sivord and Brynhild, Adelring was the sword of Sivord which he lent to Haagen. It was said that tears of blood lay hidden within the hilt, and if your fingers turned red, it was a sign that you would die. Haagen ended up killing both Sivord and Brynhild.

In the Scandinavian story Ravengaard and Memering, Adelring was the sword coveted by the slanderer Ravengaard. He accused Lady Gunild of infidelity, but she gave the sword to the Christian Memering, who successfully defended her honor. The same story is known in many European countries by different names and sometimes with different characters.

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