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Crocea Mors

In the History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth, Crocea Mors ("Yellow Death") was the sword of Julius Caesar. It was said to cause a mortal wound to any who are struck by it. Caesar landed his forces on the British coast, and several kings resolved to drive him from the land before he was able to take a single town and fortify his position. Prince Nennius was one of the attackers and had the good fortune of meeting Caesar in combat. During the battle, Nennius was wounded by the Crocea Mors, but one of Caesar's blows lodged the sword in his shield and Caesar could not remove it. Being unarmed, he had to retreat.

Nennius dislodged the blade, discarded his own sword, and went on to kill many Roman soldiers with the Crocea Mors supposedly never missing a blow. Caesar and his army were repelled and had to sail away, but 15 days after the battle, prince Nennius died of his wound. The Crocea Mors was buried with the British prince.

In the Welsh versions of the story, the sword is called Angau Coch ("Red Death") or Agheu Glas ("Grey Death").

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