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In the 13th century work, Merlin, Marmiadoise is the sword of King Rion. Merlin is part of the Vulgate Cycle, an alternative perspective on Arthurian folklore. Marmiadoise is described as follows:

"Galant the smith forged it and Sir Vulcan carved it; there were three goddesses to temper it and three fairies to carve it. Never on account of any blow will it bend, nor will it ever be burned by rust, nor will there ever be a man hurt by it who will heal from the wound."

The sword was also said to have been forged using the bone of a dragon as its grip, rendering its bearer fierce as a dragon. The sword originally belonged to Hercules, and was passed down through his ancestral line to Adrastus, and much later King Rion. The story alludes to King Rion being the descendant of a mighty Greek line, while Arthur is in contrast a descendant of the Romans and the Trojans.

When Arthur saw the sword unsheathed, he realized that it shone even brighter than his own Excalibur and he coveted it greatly. Rion and Arther battled one another until Marmiadoise became stuck in Arthur's shield. Arthur then struck King Rion's hand and forced him to relinquish his grip on the sword. Rion then grabbed Arthur with his bare hands and they wrestled until Ban, father of Galahad, forced King Rion to yield.

Arthur allowed Rion to live, but claimed the sword for his own. Enamored with its power, he slew many of King Rion's men, until finally Rion came back to face Arthur again and was killed by his own sword. The story has an undercurrent of Roman supremacy over that of Greece; the Romans trace themselves back to Troy who were the ancient Greek's most powerful rival.

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