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In Irish mythology, Crimall (meaning "Blood-spotted" or "the Bleeding Lance) was the spear of Cormac, the Irish king. Cormac's son Conn abducted and raped the daughter of Angus, who sought revenge. He came to Temhair after sunset, and no weapons were allowed to be taken in after dark. So when Angus encountered Cormac, he grabbed the king's own spear off the wall, killed his son and struck out one of Cormac's eyes.

The law stated that no man with a "blemish" could be king, and since Cormac was now disfigured he had to abdicate the throne to his other son, Coirpre. From this point on, Angus became known as "Angus of the Terrible Spear" and he and his clan were banished far to the south.

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