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In Irish mythology, Croda ("bloody") is the shield of Cormac the Irish king. In The Cattle Raid of Cooley, Conchobar mac Nessa surrounded himself with the finest warriors of the land. A list of their shields is documented in the manuscript:

Shield Owner
Brattach Mend
Caindel Nuada
Cosrach Causcrad
Comla Chatha Celtchar
Croda Cormac
Echtach Amergen
Fuban Cuchulainn
Ir Condere
Lamthapad Conall Cernach
Leochain Fergus
Lettach Errge
Luithech Noisiu
Nithach Loegaire
Ochain Conchobar
Ochnech Flidas
Orderg Furbaide
Sciatharglan Senchaid
Uathach Dubthach

"More than can be numbered were all the other shields therein."

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