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Haute Claire (also known as Halteclere, Hautclaire or Haut Claire)

In the 12th century French epic, Song of Roland, Oliver's sword is named Haute Claire ("Very Bright"). In a 19th century retelling of the legends of Charlemagne, writer Ernest L'Epine adds that the sword Hauteclaire was forged by the "cutler" Galas for the knight Closamont which confuses the heritage of the sword.

In the 13th century Italian romance L'Aspramonte, Ulivieri (Oliver) uses a sword named Chiarenza as a replacement for a sword broken in his duel with Orlando (Roland). Ulivieri's uncle renames it Altachiara before handing it to him. These swords can be linked to Aroundight, instead of Haute Claire.

See Aroundight.

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