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Areadbhar (also known as the Spear of Assal)

In Irish mythology, Areadbhar ("Slaughterer") is the poisoned spear of Pisear, king of Persia. The children of Tuireann were forced to obtain it for Lugh Lamhfada as part of their compensation towards him in the Ulster Cycle.

The spear did not need to be physically wielded by Lugh, it was alive and naturally thirsted for blood. The tip of the spear was normally dipped into a sleeping potion to keep it docile, but during battle it was unleashed and tore through the enemy ranks on its own.

Ireland, Mythology, Spear, Weapon

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Comment From: Rick --

Would you be able to let me know the pronunciation of "Areadbhar"? Thank you.

Comment From: sector24 --

Great question, Rick. I cannot say for sure as I don't speak the language but I did look up a couple translations for similar words: Aebh = "Aive" Ailbhe = "Alva" Pisear = "Pezar" My best guess would be that it sounds like "Aradvar", but again it's just a guess.