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In the epic poem Beowulf Hrunting is the sword of Unferth, one of the thanes of the Danish King Hrothgar. When Beowulf arrived to slay Grendel, Unferth thought that he was reckless and boastful, but after Beowulf succeeded in dealing a fatal wound to the monster Unferth had a new respect for him.

Unferth gave his sword Hrunting to Beowulf in order to vanquish Grendel's mother. It was said to have "never failed the hand of anyone who hefted it in battle", yet in the final confrontation between Beowulf and Grendel's mother, the sword could not harm her. He was nearly defeated until he saw a giant two-handed sword nearby. The sword was too massive for anyone save Beowulf to wield, and he used it to kill Grendel's mother. As proof of the deed, he severed Grendel's head from its lifeless body, but the giant sword corroded from Grendel's poisonous blood, so he left it in the vaulted chamber under the lake. Beowulf returned the sword to Unferth before he left the hall of the Danish king to return home.

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